Actress-entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra is set to launch a digital game show titled "iQ Trivia Live", which will be hosted by actor Rohit Roy. "Super excited to announce our first live digital game show 'iQ Trivia Live' hosted by none other than Rohit Roy. Download the application now, answer 12 questions correctly and win cash prizes!" Rohit is excited about the collaboration. He tweeted: "Woohoo! Here it is then! Thrilled to announce my first digital game show 'iQ Trivia Live' starts March 12, 9pm Download the app now. Answer 12 questions correctly and win lakhs!" He said he is "terribly…



Here's a little something I wanted to share about this 'event' which has left Indians and esp mumbaikars gasping for breath.. the 23 year old who has held everyone's imagination captive n been the topic of discussion in evry household ever since his 'purpose' tour was announced!! Last nite was the most amazing nite of my life coz my 14 year old and all her friends who I carted from their school Dhirubhai ambani international came out with beaming faces and said TONITE WAS THE BEST NITE OF OUR LIVES...!! That brings me to the couple points I want to…




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Thejesh loadsssss of players have requested 8.30!! But do not worry, who knows next week I might decide 9.30 is a b… 
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I am so happy with the response Raj.. it’s so heartening to see that now the #iquizzers are enjoying the game glitc…