Actor Rohit Roy says relationships are difficult to build and even tougher to maintain. "Infidelity is a very tricky situation for anyone to find oneself in... although nothing can excuse cheating on one's partner, sometimes the current relationship itself is the reason for people to stray... Strain in the relationship, opportunities, and sometimes mere boredom can lead to infidelity," Rohit said in a statement to IANS. He added: "Honestly, I don't have a moral standpoint on it. My personal take has changed over the years on how to handle the issue if ever, God forbid, I was faced with it...…



Here's a little something I wanted to share about this 'event' which has left Indians and esp mumbaikars gasping for breath.. the 23 year old who has held everyone's imagination captive n been the topic of discussion in evry household ever since his 'purpose' tour was announced!! Last nite was the most amazing nite of my life coz my 14 year old and all her friends who I carted from their school Dhirubhai ambani international came out with beaming faces and said TONITE WAS THE BEST NITE OF OUR LIVES...!! That brings me to the couple points I want to…




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Thank you #Press for the kind reviews to my work in my debut Gujarati film #imagujju !! Ecstatic ! Believe me, it’s… 
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My lil angel.. my baby girl.. my niece❤️😍❤️ Died a million deaths when my sis told me she had been named, hold your…