Though Rohit Roy will be at Eden Gardens to cheer Team Kolkata on, he admits to having loyalty issues during the IPL matches
Today is Poila Boisakh. Have you ever wondered why people hardly make any resolutions on Poila Boisakh?
I think, people follow the Christian calendar when it comes to resolutions. Poila Boisakh, or for that matter Baisakhi, are festival points in our calendar. So, people make resolutions following the Christian calendar. Personally speaking, I feel resolutions are clich├ęs . This year, I made a resolution on New Year. It’s too personal for me to share my resolution. But what I can say is that I broke it within a month.
You are planning to go to the Eden Gardens to watch a Team Kolkata match…
Yes. This will be my first visit to the Eden Gardens. I am pretty much clued into cricket. Though I have been travelling a lot for the promotion of my film, I still have managed to watch most of the matches.

Do you have loyalty issues?
Yes. I have major loyalty problems. Raj Kundra is a friend. So, I am very attached to Team Jaipur from the very first season. That’s when the team won. I live in Mumbai and, hence, I support Team Mumbai. Besides, I will support Sachin whenever he plays. Since I am in Kolkata, I also support Team Kolkata.

Since you had hosted the first edition of Team Jaipur, how well have you known Shane Warne?
I have an emotional connect with Team Jaipur. After I hosted the first edition for Team Jaipur and the team won, Manoj Badale (investor with the team) told me that I was the lucky mascot for the team. I had met Warnie then. He is a very fine captain. Warnie is one of the most charming and cool people I’ve met. So is it for Shane Watson.

So, at Eden Gardens, who would you support? Will you change colours?
I will support Team Kolkata through and through.

But what if Manoj Tiwary hits Sachin for a six?
I will lose colour.

Finally, have you signed on any new Bengali film?
I am taking one step at a time. I am waiting for “Bhorer Alo” to release on April 22. Right now, I am in no hurry to go on a signing spree.