Simple yet classy, Manasi and Rohit Roy’s house stands for minimalism. With the sea foaming in the background, their house makes a picture of bliss

Gotta sea this
“What’s the point of staying in a coastal city if you can’t enjoy the sea?” says Rohit. The actor and his wife Manasi bought over a dilapidated flat only because it overlooks the sea. Later, they gave it a complete facelift. The couple spends morning hours in the balcony over tea and the newspapers. “You get a glimpse of the sea from all rooms. But I prefer sitting in the balcony for hours,”says Rohit.

White house
The characteristic white apartment is devoid of any fancy objects. The couple explains that they wanted a minimalist, clutter-free space to themselves. Rohit, who has also designed a few pieces of furniture says, “I wanted an all-white Zen house. I have worked on the abstract designs on the couches.” The actor who religiously follows Feng Shui has magic crystals strewn under the floors. The three wise men outside the bedroom, Buddha statue on the dining table, bowl of water and yellow flowers at various corners only add to the positive energy,” says the actor.

Toilet tale
If there’s anytime to spare, Rohit retires to his loo. The pot is his favourite corner where he spends a couple of hours, reading books and listening to music. He says, “I wish my bathroom was bigger than my bedroom.”

Clean sweep
Manasi is a cleanliness freak and often discards daughter Kiara’s old toys, Rohit’s discoloured clothes, and unusable kitchen items. Manasi says, “I regularly donate my daughter’s toys, books and clothes. In fact, everyone including my mother-in-law is quite scared of me as I hate to hoard things in the house.” Ask them about their prized possession and they point out at the moulds of baby Kiara’s palms and feet. Rohit says, “That’s the best gift you can give your children once they grow up.”