Rohit Roy says he needs to focus on his film career. It’s a dream he wants to chase but due to hectic TV schedules he has little time for films.

For: Deciding to quit TV for films

What is the reason behind your quitting TV?
I needed to focus on my film career. It is a dream I want to chase. Due to my hectic TV schedules I was left with little or no time for films. In the past few months, I lost around five good offers. I want to clean my slate and begin again.

What will happen to your TV shows?
Ravi Chopra’s Virasaat will continue, I am contracted to give 15 days each month to them. The rest I will use for films. Raviji has been very kind. He even allowed me to host ‘Extraa Innings. Running away every two months to do something else is not fair to him either.

What about your production company Magicworks?
It is my wifes (Mansi Joshi) baby. I am only helping in the creatives. We are reviewing a couple of good scripts.

So, is it a final farewell to TV?
Never say never! I am scared of my decision. My wife thinks it is the right time for me to move out of my comfort zone and take a leap.