Actor Rohit Roy has started a campaign to bring back former captain Sourav Ganguly in the team.

Actor Rohit Roy is a busy man these days. And no, its not his shooting commitments that are occupying his time, instead its cricket and former captain Sourav Ganguly. The actor has started a campaign to bring back Ganguly in the team.

“Its the sentiment of scores of avid cricketer watchers that I am putting forth. We feel injustice has been done to Ganguly and we would like to see him back in the team.”

Rohit has already started collecting signatures from other fellow actors who feel strongly about the issue. “We intend to hand over the signatures to the Board of Cricket Control to express our sentiments. Maybe it would have some effect,” he says.

So, are Rohit and Sourav good friends? “No. In fact we met just once at a charity match. I am doing this because I am a big cricket fan. Sourav is a cricketer who has in the past performed consistently, he has been the best captain weve had. He went through a bad patch but so does everyone else. Give him a proper chance.

If he performs, fine, if not, you can give him the golden handshake. But he deserves that chance.”