Rivalries and competitions among the actors in the world of television is a common trend, however, we still have brothers like Rohit and Ronit Roy, who stand as an exception to this case.

Despite being in the same field, the two never had any sort of difference nor did the gossip seekers were heard saying anything wrong about the two. Ronit is successfully playing his part as K D Pathak in Sony TV’s Adaalat and has many shows from past to vouch for his excellence.

On the other end, Rohit has always becharmed all with his perfect looks and it’s after a long time that he is making a comeback to the fiction genre with Star Plus’ Sajda Tere Pyar Mein. Talking about brother Ronit, Rohit said, “He has always regarded me a son more than a sibling”.

He further continued, “It will take me another four or five years before I can play characters (Mihir Virani, Rishabh Bajaj and KD Pathak) like he does. Although I have been around the TV scene for the past 15-16 years (debuted with Swabhimaan), I am lucky to get characters of 30 year boy next door. It is only now with above love story combined with patriotism that I have experimented with my look.”

Speaking about the bond he shares with Ronit, Rohit added, “We both revel in each other’s success. I cried when I saw Udaan. Our interpersonal equation is so strong that both of us will not think a second before sacrificing something for the other.”

Wow! This is really admirable.