This week, zoOm will premiere its second film, Cute Meet Love. One of television’s most loved and known actor, Rohit Roy, the creative director of the film, says, “It was a very difficult film because we had to work with a six-year-old child, who has an attention deficit disorder.

It’s difficult extracting those emotions from a child”. The film also stars his wife, Mansi, and Rohit decided never to work with her again. “As a creative director and producer of the film, working with Mansi was nerve-wracking as she is a complete professional and likes to get under the skin of the character.

And the lead actor, Harsh Chhaya (a well-known television actor) is equally good. He is an extremely underrated actor and hasn’t got his due in the TV and film industry!” explained Rohit. Watch the film Cute Meet Love, on 3pm, Saturday, only on zoOm.

Source: Times of India