Rohit Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy have been together for 25 years.

25 years ago, the love story of Rohit Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy started. To commemorate the occasion, Rohit took to Facebook to share a sweet and romantic message for his wife.

He started with the day he asked her out on a date. He revealed, “On the 23rd of may 1992, I asked this gorgeous, young model out on a date. I had met her only a couple days before through a common friend. She was a top notch model n had been given the title of ‘the face of the nineties’ and I was a lowly ranked assistant to Kunal Kapoor( son of the legendary Shashi Kapoor). Happily n surprisingly, she obliged me without much of a fuss (must have earned some brownie points at our 1st meeting) and off we went on my scooter to the Shiv Sagar restaurant (coz that’s all I could afford on a kingly salary of 1500 rupees a month ) We ordered a Ganga Jamuna (mash up of orange n Mosambi) for her n a mango milkshake for me! Must have spent a couple of hours there but those were the most eventful hours in my life.. those 2 hours determined how we would spend the rest of our lives!That day, unbeknownst to me, or her, for that matter, I met the love of my life.. a woman so beautiful inside out that she took over my life n every aspect of it without me even realising it. It’s been 25 years today n my world still starts n ends with her.”

He then went on thank Manasi and said, “Thank u Manasi for being my all.. for creating a world so true n pure that God sent an angel to us! Thank u for being the ‘correct’ one in our relationship n not erring even by mistake! Thank you for all the sage advice over the years (and yes even for the whacks on my posterior when I erred!) I might have been less or more successful without you but I wouldn’t have been a better man without u and that’s for sure! Love u, from then to eternity.

Her caption reads, “#25yearstogether #18yearsofmarriage #wevecomealongwaybaby #frenchcuisine in #worlivillage #ilovemycity #thankyouforallyoudo my darling husband @rohitroy500.”