Written, produced and directed by Ashwani Dhir, the show will be telecast on Sab TV.

He was last seen in an action-packed avatar on Sony Entertainment Television’s Encounter. Now, actor Rohit Roy is set to change his screen image as he gets ready to play a common man with a little paunch in a comedy titled, Peterson Hill (earlier, the show was titled Chuk Chuk) that is set to go on air on Sab TV.

The actor will be seen in the central character of a sta- tion manager of a railway station near Simla, Peterson Hill. “For the character, I had to put on eight kilos so that it looks cuter and more approachable. One may think, what’s there to put on weight? My point is once I put on, how am I going to shed it? This is the toughest thing I have had to do especially when I have been a fitness enthusiast all my life. I am happy that I am prepping for the role, but I am also a bit worried,” quips the actor.

The team has already started shooting for the show, and will have a special sequence that will be picturised in Simla on January 2.

Roy is excited with the idea of shooting the sequence in the snow – laden hills. He says that the idea of doing a daily soap hardly excites him in the present times. “I was so impressed with the concept as I feel, it has the potential to entertain the family audience,” says Roy, who thinks that the fact that the show is being written, directed and produced by Ashwani Dhir, known for his simple writing that touches hearts, is its USP.

Roy, who recently debuted on stage with Unfaith- fully Yours says that the new challenges are giving him scope to grow as an actor. The project, Roy says, has a stellar cast that includes some of the established names on comedy shows and a few actors from the theatre. “My character ages from 30 to 60 in Unfaithfully Yours. I grew a lot with that character and even Peterson Hill is bringing a lot to the table in terms of acting. It’s a character who is young and charming, but a little pot-bellied. He’s like how a common man would be,” he concludes.