Rohit Roy’s 12-and-a-half year daughter Kiara has become an official steward of Mumbai’s First Little Free Library, a concept which was first started in the US by book lovers.

Its time to rejoice for book lovers as the Litte Free Library is soon going to make its presence in Mumbai. Extremely popular worldwide, The Little Free Library is a concept that was first started in Hudson by Todd Bol in memory of his mother who was a school teacher and a book lover. What started off as a small wooden house resembling a bird house soon grew into a very popular concept that became a widespread trend. Now five years later more than 25,000 mini libraries exist in the United States, Canada, and other countries, including Haiti, Ghana, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and Italy.

One can register at the Little Free Library official website and become a steward where they can start a similar library to share their books. Talking about it, popular TV actor Rohit Roy’s whose daughter Kiara has become the first ever steward in Mumbai said, “My daughter Kiara who loves to read chanced upon an article about the “Little Free Library” in the Oprah (Winfrey) magazine and came up to us saying, ‘I want to start one too’. So, we registered with them and she is now the official steward of the first Little Free Library in Mumbai.”

Elaborating on what prompted his twelve-and-a-half year old daughter to start something like this, he explains it was her love for books and sharing knowledge. “The basic idea is to take a book, give a book. It’s for young kids who want to read books that are beyond their work syllabus. Anybody can take a book and put another one in exchange. This way you manage to share your books and of course, increase your knowledge. While I always did think that Kiara has the bent of the mind to think about the larger picture considering she was a Cancerian, I thought she was a bit too young to think of something like this but we think its a great initiative and we are very proud of her.”

Rohit and his wife Mansi are having a small get-together on March 15 to inaugurate the Free Tree House at their residence.