Transcript of LIVE INDIATIMES CHAT with TV actor, Rohit Roy at 3pm (IST) on Tuesday, November 21, 2006, in Mumbai

To become an actor you must have one of the two things; talent or luck .

Rohit Roy
TV Actor

Achyut> Hello sir your performance is as a guide to me .please tell me what step should I have to follow to be an actor. Can you tell me if you can help me anyway?
Rohit Roy> First of all, to become an actor you must have one of the two things; talent or luck. Since none of us know how lucky we are. We have the talent. If you think you are talented go visit the various production houses with pictures and even if you get rejected don’t worry everybody does.

Rachit> Rohit if someone will gives you a chance to work with your brother Ronit in a film then what would be your reaction?
Rohit Roy> Well I would love to work with him in a film because I had great time working with him in Sarkar. Also because I think he is a great actor.

Tal> How do you manage when something wrong is written about you and you know it is not true. Do you let the story die or confront
Rohit Roy> It really depends on the story. If the story is something foolish Ill let it die. But if its a story that attacks me or my family I just stop talking to that particular journalist. As an actor one has to take all these in the stride.

Rachit> Rohit, if not an actor?
Rohit Roy> I would be a business student. I would have been probably heading one of the business houses in India or abroad.

Rachit> Rohit what are your upcoming Bollwood projects?
Rohit Roy> Shot and finished two films – Delhi heights and Shoot at Lokhandwala . Next starting Sanjay Guptas Alibagh and a film called Dus kahaniya . Also might be doing a Mahesh Bhatt film in Early 2007.

Bang> How come you thought of anchoring? Were you not circumspect about the Indian audience accepting you in a new role?
Rohit Roy> I have always believed that anchoring is a part of acting. I was nervous before doing Sare Gama Pa. Being an Arian I love challenges and fortunately I was able to pull it off.

Rachit> Rohit you have tremendous dialogue delivery, good anchoring skills, so can we expect you as an anchor in cricket shows in future?
Rohit Roy> This years extra innings was a great experience for me. As I love cricket and acting so hopefully I will continue and you will see me in world cup. If time permits.

Tal> How does it feel when you want to be left alone but since in public life everything is open?
Rohit Roy> Well honestly it is a little irritating at times. But being an actor one gets used to living in the public glare and most of the time its fun.

Clod> Are you very choosy about what assignments you take. Or you just take whatever comes your way?
Rohit Roy> If I took what ever came my way I would be shooting 90 days in a month. I am not choosy but extremely choosy about the work I do.

Leo> Do you have any inspirations in life? Do you have any role model?
Rohit Roy> My inspiration was my dad and to be an actor my inspiration was Mr Bachan. I don’t really have a role model.

Rachit> Rohit is there any advice you want to give to strugglers like me who want to make it big in TV serials?
Rohit Roy> Lage Raho Munnabhai.

Prince-Charming> What sort of portrayals do you personally prefer to do?
Rohit Roy> I want to portray Amitabh Bachan in Deewar.

Tal> Given a chance will do a role like Shakrukh did in Darr.
Rohit Roy> Id love too. Sharukhs role in Darr was par excellence. It was excellent. Today’s world there in nothing like positive or negative. In fact I will really be good in a negative role.

Sign off Message> Thank you for all the love and affection that you guys have given me I hope I can entertain you for years to come. God Bless. Love Rohit.