Rohit Roy is ecstatic about his upcoming film Kaabil. He is thrilled to be doing a film with both his friend, Hrithik Roshan, and his elder brother, Ronit Roy. Talking about the experience of working with Ronit, Rohit says, “It is perhaps the first time that two real-life siblings are playing villainous brothers on screen as well. This film is special and one for our kids to watch. Ronit was signed first, and later Sanjay (Gupta; director) suggested my name, and I was blown away with the role. Ronit is a different kind of actor as compared to me. I am spontaneous, while he prepares for his roles.”

Apparently, Rohit’s character gets what he wants, and does not have to pay the price for it. The actor says, “I want people to be repulsed by me. Unless people don’t come out the theatre hating me, then I wouldn’t have done a good job.” Did he explain his role to his teenage daughter, Kiara? “Ronit explained to me that he has been playing villainous characters, and the kids won’t see the film now, but when they are old enough they will understand that it was just a role,” he says.

Initially, the actor had refused the role because he “didn’t know if I would be able to pull it off”. “The film is huge and if because of me, the story fell flat, it would have been bad. I was troubled about the role as well,” he says.
Rohit Roy cites the lack of exciting offers as the reason for gaps in his acting career. He explains, “Unless I drive a film or a TV show, I won’t take it up for the sake of it. Also, in the last couple of years, I haven’t received the kind of work I feel excited about. It’s a matter of time; I will get roles that I can deliver a performance that I am proud of. I have stopped doing random work. Acting is a passion, not a job for me.”

Rohit and Hrithik Roshan have known each other since they were in their 20s. “He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. In fact, for his birthday party, other than his family, Ronit (Roy) and I were present with our wives. I got closer to him while shooting Kaabil. During the making of a film you realise what the person is all about. He is a lovely guy and is kind-hearted.”