rohitroyramanlambhaLoverboy: Rohit Roy.
Claim to fame: TV’s original bad boy, he was the irreverent, rakish Rishabh Malhotra in ‘Swaabhimaan’.

His on-screen reputation percolated to his off-screen persona as well. Despite being around for a decade, after innumerable affairs and a now stable marriage, he retains his image as the essential flirt.

X factor: His mischief-ridden smile, well-chiselled body and bindaas demeanour.

Rohit says: “I’m a harmless flirt. It’s more an image I have cultivated over the years.”

The ladies say: “Rohit is a good-looking man with a well-built body. But you can’t blame him. If girls want to spend time with him willingly, then it’s not his fault.” – Mouli Ganguly, ‘Sarrkkar’.